Work package 2: IT development of the e-health platform

Work steps on board should be facilitated by digitization. A comprehensive information platform is created, based on modules, such as emergency and telemedicine, medical rescue coordination centre, maritime health declaration, public health programmes etc.


Work package 2 includes the IT creation of an e-health platform that structures and links health-relevant topics in a user-friendly manner and, among other things, makes it possible to quickly contact medical emergency facilities on board in medical emergencies on shore. This online tool is a comprehensive information platform that links many building blocks, such as emergency and telemedicine, medical rescue coordination center, maritime health declaration, public health programs.

The exact technical and content-related design of the platform will be specified within the scope of an inspection of four survey vessels in order to record the technical conditions on board together with the IT representative of the shipping company (e.g. existing maximum bandwidth of the Internet connection). The shipbuilding and financial expenditure for the implementation of the project-related necessary or recommended technical measures on board should also be estimated (e.g. intranet connection to the PC in the crew or officer's mess).

Based on the findings of these ship inspections, various technical concepts, including cost calculations for optimizing the ship-to-shore and on-board Internet connection, are developed taking into account the shipping company's internal IT policy.

In a second step, these concepts are presented to the two shipping companies (Döhle and Roth) at their respective costs. The shipping companies then determine the technical upgrading measures. It is to be expected that the shipping companies will have a different IT standard on board and a different willingness to invest to optimise the Internet connection on board. Similarly, the need for applications on the e-health platform (e.g. with regard to the medical record and the pharmacy) is probably assessed differently by the shipping companies. Therefore, it is also necessary in terms of the transferability of the developed IT solution to other shipping companies after completion of the project that the platform is built up modularly and that shipping company specific solutions (with more or less high financial expenditure for the shipping companies) are designed and offered.

A further aim of this work package is to analyse the needs of the various modules of the health platform to be developed. To this end, the nautical officers are specifically confronted with the module proposals, which have been compiled in numerous discussions with shipowners, seafarers and our cooperation partners, and uggestions for changes and additions are made.

On the basis of these findings the feasibility and the cost-benefit relation of the desired module requirements are examined together with Hanseaticsoft. Among other things, aspects of copyright and data protection must be clarified in advance.

The modules desired and feasible by the seafarers are then presented and discussed with the shipping companies. All partners and cooperation partners of the project should be involved in this discussion process and contribute their expertise. Only then can a final definition of the module scope of the planned e-health platform be made.


  • Site inspection
  • Programming

Expected results

  • Demand-specific IT platform for health management

Involved partners

Work package leader

Hanseaticsoft GmbH
Frankenstraße 12
20097 Hamburg

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Project duration

24 months