Institute for Occupational and Maritime Medicine (ZfAM)

About the partner

The Institute for Occupational Medicine and Maritime Medicine (ZfAM) is part of the Ministry of Health and Consumer Protection (BGV) in Hamburg and affiliated with the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE).

The remit of the ZfAM institute is the performance of occupational scientific and medical investigations in order to increase knowledge about work-related adverse effects on human health in five working groups.

The Shipping Medicine Working Group of the ZfAM is the only scientific institution in Germany that focuses on working and living conditions in merchant shipping. As a medical training centre for nautical officers, ZfAM is very experienced in the transfer of findings from maritime studies into practice. The working environment on container ships of German shipping companies is often the focus of attention.

Role in the project

Within the framework of e-healthy ship, ZfAM assumes the role of the lead partner.

As the applicant, the institute is responsible for the conception and implementation of the project.

In addition, it surveys the health status of the crew on board of the four representative ships and prepares a cost-benefit analysis.

Further tasks are the preparation of culturally sensitive information material, the testing of the e-health platform on board and the evaluation of the results of the on-board investigations (intervention results).


Zentralinstitut für Arbeitsmedizin und Maritime Medizin (ZfAM)
Seewartenstraße 10
20459 Hamburg
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PD Dr. med. Marcus Oldenburg
Tel.: +49 (0) 40 42837-4308
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