Work package 1: Project management & public relations

The project management controls the planning of the overall project and will do everything together with the project partners to ensure that the work packages can be processed in a pleasant atmosphere and well interlinked.


Project management

Project management moderates between individual project partners, provides them with the necessary infrastructure and prepares information (schedule, document exchange, project meetings, etc.). Project management takes the initiative and provides technical support to the project partners whenever relevant know-how is required in the development of strategies.

In particular, it will continue to develop the project in the sense of the ERDF Structural Funds and manage the financial resources. This includes reliable controlling that meets the special requirements of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg (FHH) for financial control as laid down in the Landeshaushaltsordnung (Land Budget Regulation) and, if necessary, also takes into account the requirements of other investors.

A clarification of legal aspects of the project adapted to the milestone planning is the task of project management and will include, for example, data protection, copyright, insurance law and contract issues, but also questions of certification and instruction in medical device law for all information bases and telemetric techniques used in the project.

In addition, this work package also includes the planning, organisation and implementation of good communication with an advisory board (including the organisation of meetings), increasingly with the specialist public and later also with the general public.

Public relations

The project management also plans the necessary materials for successful public relations work and develops them in coordination with the project partners (e.g. designs for logos, websites, press releases, speeches, events and, if necessary, products such as flyers, films, newsletters).

The project management also advises the project partners in the selection of suitable media partners and in the use of modern media.


  • Overall schedule
  • Milestone planning
  • Project structure plan
  • Project manual
  • Regular meetings
  • Reporting
  • Change request, if necessary
  • Media planning

Expected results

  • Project infrastructure
  • Financial controlling
  • Reports (quarterly reports, annual reports, final report)
  • Project website
  • Public relations materials

Involved partners

Work package leader

Consult & Marketing GmbH
Auerbachstra├če 10
14193 Berlin

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Project duration

51 months