German Shipowners' Association (VDR)

About the partner

The German Shipowners’ Association is a leading professional association within the German business community.

On behalf of around 200 member companies, VDR represents the German shipping industry. i.e. the fourth-largest merchant navy fleet in the world.

As an employers’ association, VDR conducts collective bargaining and social partner negotiations.

Established in 1907 by the regional associations of shipping companies in order to facilitate common and uniform management of interests, today VDR represents German maritime shipping companies not only in Berlin and Bonn but also in Brussels, London, Geneva and on a global scale.

The majority of member companies are small to medium-sized enterprises which have been run successfully for many years by their owners and their families, and by executives pursuing long-term strategies.

Role in the project

Within the framework of e-healthy ship, VDR assumes a supporting function as a cooperation partner.

He advises the project on content aspects of the e-health platform and establishes contacts with shipping companies.


Verband Deutscher Reeder (VDR)
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