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Ab sofort steht die e-healthy ship Abschlussbroschüre zum Download bereit. Neben Zielen und Aktivitäten präsentiert sie die wichtigsten Ergebnisse des Projekts auf einen Blick. Außerdem äußern sich Projektbeteiligte mit einem abschließenden Zitat zu e-healthy ship.

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Senator Anna Gallina, Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection Hamburg:
"When the e-healthy ship project was launched in 2017, no one could have predicted that a pandemic would fuel one of the main purposes of the project: to satisfy the need for health promotion on board, such as digital means."

Volker Harth, MD, MPH, PhD, Director Institute for Occupational and Maritime Medicine (ZfAM), University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE):
"The e-healthy ship project has proved in a maritime setting that the portfolio of health promotion and protection on board can be significantly expanded through digital learning and digitally enabled interaction.!

PD Dr. med. Marcus Oldenburg, ZfAM, Organisation and project management e-healthy ship:
“Research on the working and living conditions of seafarers on board ships is an important scientific approach to improving the work situation on board, and promoting health. Electronically based health management is an effective way of promoting healthy behaviour on board, especially for seafarers who work on the high seas.”

Marcel Thielcke, Hanseaticsoft GmbH:
“Lessons we learned as part of e-healthy ship helped us to improve our own product, Cloud Fleet Manager. We had the pleasure of extending our view, thanks to the chance to cooperate with our e-healthy ship partners.”

Johann Diercks, Director Shipmanagement, Peter Döhle Schiffahrts-KG:
“A healthy crew is of paramount importance for us as a company, as well as for our clients, in order to achieve the quality of service that is required in today’s market. As a partner of the e-healthy ship project, we want to promote a healthier lifestyle and work environment on board ocean-going vessels.”

Thorsten Meier, Managing Director, KG Reederei Roth GmbH & Co.:
“We are taking care of our crew. Healthiness and well-being are key factors in enabling our crew to perform their jobs in the best way possible around the world. Therefore, we are glad to be part of e-healthy ship, to share our aims and experiences with different stakeholders for continuous improvement of life on board.”

Alexander Veit, Lloyd-Apotheke Bremerhaven, Pharmacist and Owner:
“This project gave us a better insight into the needs of the staff on board in terms of pharmaceutical care. It has always been important for us to provide the crews with additional information around the ship’s pharmacy, and this project has now provided further insight to update our information processes.”

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Stefan Kovacsik, Captain:
“Caring about the health and the well-being of the crew is also part of the captain’s job. They approached us, and we see a lot of things from another point of view now.”

Ioan-Alexandru Halciuc, Second Officer, Health Officer:
“We have 24 crew members. Everybody expects me to be the one who gives first aid. It was good that somebody from outside came to check our lifestyle and health problems.”

Kyaw Kyaw Oo, Bosun:
“Seafarers are key workers. I’m getting satisfaction myself with following e-healthy tips as countermeasures for fatigue and stress.”

Maung Maung Kyaw, Cook
"In my opinion the programme has a lot of benefits for seafarers. The healthier and tastier the food is that I prepare, the better it is for my crew. I have recognised through the e-healthy ship programme experience that healthy food habits can unite us and create an excellent ground for sharing cultural and national traditions.”

Dr. med Dorothee Dengler, ZfAM, Specialist for General Medicine
“Seafarers’ work is full of unexpected challenges. Being able to participate and observe life and work on board is important if your medical goal is to improve crews’ health systematically.”